Dorothy McGee

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Dorothy McGee
Residing In: Hillsborough, NC USA
Occupation: Special Education Teacher
Children: None, only furkids (one dog- Zoe- and three cats-Zachary, Mel and Lily.)
Yes! Attending Reunion

Southampton, NY

Favorite memories of Mercy:

Singing show tunes in Music class instead of studying notation or classical music or whatever we were supposed to be doing; Sr. Venard (Louise Sheehan) insisting on reading the part of Juliet herself in English class; working on the yearbook.

Least favorite or wierdest memory of Mercy:

Walking a half-mile and then taking two buses to get home to Bridgehampton every time I stayed after for yearbook; Sr. James freaking out in homeroom senior year because she came around a corner and caught two students "gazing passionately into each others' eyes"!

Did you ever get any demerits? How many/what for?

I got detention once for coming in late. I had missed the bus and made my mom drive me all the way to Riverhead and I was punished for making the effort. I used the time to write a letter to the school paper saying I had learned that I should have spared my mother the trouble and just called in sick (and I was a member of the National Honor Society, too!)

High points of your life since High School?

Mount St. Mary College, 70-74, married Don Abrams 1974, moved to Boston 1977, divorced 1985, grad school Lesley College (Psycholoogy) 88-90, moved to NC 1990, purchased house in Hillsborough 1994. Special Education teacher, homeschooled autistic child for private family 1997-2005, presently working for Durham Public Schools as K-5 Resource teacher. Battled cancer in 2008 (non-Hodgkin's lymphoma) and again in 2009. Had a bone marrow transplant in Feb 2010 (I won!) And I learned one totally amazing lesson from all of this - life is too short to put up with nonsense.

Kids? Grandkids?

None. Yet.

Where have you traveled?

Around the US, Carribean, Canada and Mexico.

How old do you feel?

I still feel pretty much the same as I did in my 30's. Of course, while I was sick, I felt like I was about 110 but that was just the anemia.

Did you have any nicknames? What were they?

Dot and Dottie.

Ever gone on a blind date?

I don't want to talk about it.

Ever skipped school at Mercy? If yes, what did you do instead of coming to school?

Of course not! Weren't you paying attention? I was in the National Honor Society! Besides, I didn't have a car.

Favorite TV shows from the 60's?

I liked the Rat Patrol, the Smothers Brothers, Laugh-in. I really liked a show called the New People that only lasted one season. It was about a planeload of hippies that crash on a deserted island and try to form a new society. I guess it was a bit controversial.

Ever gotten divorced?

Yes, just once.

Any TV appearances? (Put Link!)

Not yet. I do want to get on Jepoardy or Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader.

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Dorothy McGee has a birthday today.
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Dorothy McGee has a birthday today.
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Dorothy McGee has a birthday today.
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