Slideshow - Reunion






The Slide Show

This was originally a 20-minute slide show when it was first shown at the reunion picnic, but because of the demands of the web page, it is now 'in partes tres', just like Gaul.  I tried to include as many people as I could, so I hope you recognize yourself and  see many of your friends. There may be a few people that you do not recognize, but I tried to put  a clue in either the slide immediately preceding or after.  In many instances I tried to match the words in the songs to the pictures -- hope you enjoy that, and the tribute to our departed friends.

Many thanks to Karen W. for sharing the pictures from her archives. She also collected other photos from our classmates and spent many hours with Bernie Mickaliger scanning them to disc and mailing them to me. I'd also like to thank my son Andrew Pergiovanni for all the hours of technical assistance and his incredible patience.


Mary P.