50th MHS '70 Class Reunion in 2020

We've gotten a few inquiries over the last couple of weeks about plans for our 50th Reunion in 2020.  Your Reunion Committee is planning a meeting/BBQ on Friday, June 28th to come to a decision on a date.  To help us reach a decision we would like to get your input.  The one thing the Committee does agree on is that there will be no "do it ourselves" aspect to this reunion.  That means that for the 50th the Committee will do no cleaning, no sweeping, no painting, no clamming, no cooking, no executive level negotiations with the Loyal Order of the Moose, no phone tag with elusive members of the Flanders Men's Club, no hanging of mini lights, no hits of the 60's mix tapes, and no last minute runs to Home Depot for garbage bags. I'm sure there is something I left out. This time we are older and we have reached the point where we want to just pay the money, show up at a nice place, and have someone else do all the work.  We hope you agree.  

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1)   * Are you thinking seriously about attending our 50th high school reunion in 2020?

2)   * Summer, and now especially Fall, have become very crowded and expensive on the East End. We are thinking seriously about a late Spring 2020 Reunion. Would you be able to attend if it was in late April or mid May? Tell us your preferred time of year.

3)   * What kind of event would you like to have? i.e. Saturday evening dinner at a nice venue fully catered, or something more casual?

4)   * What do you feel is the maximum price range per person?

5)   * Is having a live band important to you? (sorry, Billy Joel and the Hassels are unavailable)

6)   * If we were able to block rooms at a local hotel would this be of interest to you? Or, maybe rent a large house with multiple bedrooms? (like an air b&b)

7)   Please make any comments or suggestions.