Andy McLoughlin Mercy '67

Profile Updated: August 22, 2012
Andy McLoughlin
Residing In: Calverton, NY USA
Occupation: Park Police Officer (retired)
Children: I have a son , Jason, from my first marrage. He is part owner in Dixies Tavern in Charlotte NC when More…he is living now.
I also have a daughter from my second marriage. She just got her Masters degree and is a Speech Pathologist working for a private Dr. in a public school, P.S.138 in the Bronx.
Update My daughter is now the Speech Pathologist for the Woodward Childrens Center in Freeport,NY
Yes! Attending Reunion


Past Jobs?

When I graduated from Mercy in 1967 I went to Southampton College, In 1968 I enlisted in the US Marine Corps, I went to VietNam as a machine gunner. I was wounded but finished my tour there and when I got out I took a job with the Suffolk County Park Police where I worked for 34 years. I have been retired for 4 1/2 years now.

Favorite memories of Mercy:

I remember all of the nuns very well and the dances in the lunchroom. I also remember the basketball games and going to Docs for pizza after the games.
I remember when the only fast food in Riverhead was Rickeys on east main street. and then they put in Bics ( where Burger King is now) and all cutting through the woods for burgers.

I remember doing doughnuts in the parking lot with my 56T-Bird along with Steve Borkowski in his 59 corvette on a snowy morning. 1st period a message came across the loud speaker for the two in the cars doing the donuts to come to the office. Then I remembered walking in from the street every day as punishment and not being able to park in the lot.

Did you ever get any demerits? How many/what for?

Lots, for any and everything.

High points of your life since High School?

Going to Vietnam, my job with the Park Police & my kids and family

How old do you feel?

I don't feel very old other than the bumps and bruises of the past forty years. As Mickey Mantle said " If I had known that I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself"

Ever skipped school at Mercy? If yes, what did you do instead of coming to school?

Yes, pretty much just hung around town and in Papa Nicks. Ran into Sister Mary James in the WT Grant store across from the school (see the demerit section)

Favorite TV shows from the 60's?

Leave it to Beaver, Andy Griffith show

Ever gotten divorced?

Got married when I first returned from VietNam had a son, got a job and then divorced after 9 years. I like to call it "The year I lots 135lbs"

Famous or interesting people you have met:

Did some bodyguard work for Led Zep & Bad Company. Went out to Montauk and met Dick Cavett at his home met the Stones at the house they were renting in Montauk on an interview. Hung out with the Rascals when they were playing at the Barge on Dune Road and i was working the door at The Eye down the block.

What would we be surprised to know about you?

That after my high school days I became a Cop (go figure)

Do you see/talk to/hang out with/any classmates? Who?

I see a few on facebook and around town.

Favorite things to do now?

Kayak Fish and customize the old Penn reels

Any TV appearances? (Put Link!)

I appeared on the Adventures in Fishing show that was on cable in a kayak fishing segment.