MHS '70 51st Reunion Survey

As you all know, in 2020 we rescheduled the 50th Reunion of the Mercy Class of 1970 due to the pandemic.  The Reunion Committee hoped that by mid-year 2021 we would be past the crisis and we would be able to safely hold what is now the 51st Class Reunion.  After discussions with the Committee via email it has become apparent that we have a few different options on the table, and the consensus was that we should do a survey to see how members of the class feel about when we should hold the event. Please give us your thoughts by answering a couple of survey questions for us.  We'll report back with a decision soon. We don't anticipate changing the place or the band as they are being very flexible and are holding our deposits.   Let us know what you think please!

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1)   * Do you plan to attend the 51st Reunion currently scheduled for Saturday, June 5, 2021?

2)   * If we were able to find a suitable date sometime this coming Fall (September or October) would you prefer that, and would you attend at that time?

3)   * Would you prefer that we cancel 2021 entirely, and instead, have a 52nd Reunion, combination 70th Birthday Party, in May or June of 2022? (i.e. next year when things are back to "normal").

4)   Please feel free to comment further. We welcome your thoughts.