Deborah DiDomenick Gatz

Profile Updated: June 6, 2020
Deborah DiDomenick
Residing In: Lawrence, KS USA
Occupation: Retired
Children: Jamie Gatz Lt. U.S. Coast Guard. Born 1978. Graduated the USCGA in 2000. Retired May 2020. He and More…his wife Ellen have one son.
Micah Gatz. Born in 1980. Undergraduate degree in Chemistry and a graduate degree in Physics. Masters in Opto-Elector Engineering at the University of Dayton. Lives in New Mexico.
Yes! Attending Reunion

Jamaica, N.Y.

Past Jobs?

During my 37 years as a nurse I have worked in most every area and loved most of them. My favorites Pediatrics and Obstetrics. Currently using my 'Nursing Informatics' skills to help hospitals implement electronic systems for documentation, billing, etc. It is a nice change from patient care but I do miss that part of nursing. Ayway it beats Picking blueberries and Ironing (dry cleaners) all summer without air conditioning.

Favorite memories of Mercy:

Many great times. I loved all the dances and games, especially the one where the football team won it's first game.
The senior trip to Washington DC was a blast. We even managed to have fun on the retreats.
Bill, our bus driver, always made the commute fun as he went over the Seven Hills of Manorville.

Least favorite or wierdest memory of Mercy:

I blocked his name but there was that priest who sent me to the principals office for sitting with my legs in the aisle. Almost cost me my high school diploma. Sister Mary Brian demanded and apology and I refused. It was the first time I stood up to authority and I like it.

Did you ever get any demerits? How many/what for?

I don't think so. I was too afraid of the nuns to act out. Still am!

High points of your life since High School?

The greatest gift are my sons.
I went on a medical mission trip to Peru recently. It was a great, humbling experience.

Kids? Grandkids?

4 grandkittens - Big Meanie (the mom), and her children Han Solo, Shogun and Molly. Son #2 took in a stray and could not part with the offspring.

Emmett Austen Gatz was born December 19th 2012.

Where have you traveled?

Lot's of places in the U.S.
London, Paris, Rome, Venice, Amsterdam, Belgium, Germany, Switerland and Peru (Chulucanas and Machu Pichu).

How old do you feel?

Mentally I feel young but my body doesn't always agree.

Did you have any nicknames? What were they?


Ever gone on a blind date?

Too many not worth talking about.

Ever gotten divorced?

Yes from you know who.

Famous or interesting people you have met:


Favorite Book? Movie? Music?

Jayne Eyre

Ever done anything 'wild' for you, or on a dare? What?

50th birthday, Las Vegas, Thunder from Down Under (show), on stage twice, won the ... contest (what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas).

Favorite things to do now?

Travel, garden, go to KU football and baksetball games.

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