Caroline Pendzick Grimaldi

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Caroline Pendzick
Residing In: Croton on Hudson, NY USA
Spouse/Partner: Raymond Grimaldi...38 yrs now only because we live apart
Occupation: Educator / Nurse
Children: -Michael born 1985 is the house comedian in his group home (a.k.a. Up side of Down).
-James born More…1987 dropped out from architect school to become a professional gambler (a.k.a. poker genius), secured business degree and works @ NYS Lottery.
-Diana born 1995 is still a struggling singer.
Yes! Attending Reunion

Mineola , New York

Past Jobs?

Way too many to list. Retired after 36 years at Helen Hayes Hospital as Education Specialist but still work 1 day a month and occasionally from home until I finally cleaned out my office in 2021.

Favorite memories of Mercy:

Dropping LSD with a buddy just before Mr. Dorman's class, followed by the most vibrant and hilarious typing class imaginable.

Least favorite or wierdest memory of Mercy:

Way too many to list them all. My son did mention a common experience I shared with him in a paper he wrote on the Vietnam War about how our Social Studies teacher (don't recall her name) use to hit the boys over the head whenever they whispered "Communist" (often done intentionally) as she walked up and down the aisles.

Did you ever get any demerits? How many/what for?

Cleaning out my deceased parents house I came across (I can't believe I actually saved them) demerit slips from J.Anderson, K. Wulfraat and M.Hartman for various offenses e.g. chewing gum & wearing colored blouse (grey). Funny how important those things were back then.

High points of your life since High School?

The numerous wonderful people who have touched my life and of course, my children and pets. I raised my family in Croton on Hudson, NY, traveled for several years living from time share to time share, and most recently I moved into a townhouse in a renovated Catholic Church in the Berkshires to ride out the pandemic. Who knows where I will wind up.

Kids? Grandkids?

I had to say goodbye to my wheaten terrier and now the love of my life is Coco, a lab mix who I rescued from Animal Control in Harlem ( btw she rescued me ). I don't see grandkids in future but who knows? I believe in miracles.

Where have you traveled?

Throughout the States and Europe, Brazil, Greece and many of the islands.

How old do you feel?

Depends on the day..... I mostly acknowledge and feel my true age.

Did you have any nicknames? What were they?

I grew up being called "the Jolly Green Giant" and being asked "How is the weather up there?" by many inconsiderate classmates.. not very fond memories.

Ever gone on a blind date?

One blind date was too much. I will never ventured that route a second time.

Ever skipped school at Mercy? If yes, what did you do instead of coming to school?

Too many times to mention. The ocean was my favorite get-away.

Favorite TV shows from the 60's?

Dr. Kildare - inspired me to go into nursing that I soon realized was not a good fit after bedside nursing for a couple of years. Worked in Education for the remainder of my career.

Ever gotten divorced?

Nope - if I ever do divorced, I will never remarry. Once is (more than) enough.

Famous or interesting people you have met:

All of my friends are interesting and famous to me. However, I did meet Neil Diamond in the 70's @ the McDonalds at the Riverhead circle.

Favorite Book? Movie? Music?

The one I am writing now that I am retired.

Ever done anything 'wild' for you, or on a dare? What?

In my other life.....I really enjoyed my 20's.

What would we be surprised to know about you?

I hated Mercy 😞 and frequently and unsuccessfully fought with my parents to attend Riverhead High School.

Do you see/talk to/hang out with/any classmates? Who?

Not lately...I have stayed in touch with Gerry McGuire and Kathy Dolan with an occasional visit or phone call. Have not been back to Long Island for a long while and frankly do not seeing myself returning in the near future.

Favorite things to do now?

Puzzles, reading, crafts, theater (community, broadway etc) , clicking a glass of wine with friends or sipping on a cannabis seltzer, traveling, hanging out with my dog and friends, antiquing .... just to name a few. Note that I have been living in an apartment in a dicommissioned church in the Berkshires (Arlo Guthrie) since the pandemic and have the habit of bowing my head every time I pass the altar they left behind.

Any TV appearances? (Put Link!)

Only on several local TV channels back in the days I was actively advocating for disability rights and inclusion. I have since learned that those who work with special needs are the most prejudicial and it is with that group that one needs to fight with.

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Caroline Pendzick Grimaldi has left an In Memory comment for Profile.
Apr 05, 2024 at 8:22 AM

I have many fond memories of Mary during our time at Mercy before and after school hours.  I am happy that her family and loved ones will also keep her alive in their loving memories. Her passing makes one appreciate how fragile life is and how death is just another step home.

Jun 06, 2022 at 7:42 AM
Caroline Pendzick Grimaldi posted a message. New comment added.
Jan 24, 2019 at 12:09 PM

Posted on: Jan 24, 2019 at 11:09 AM

Hi cousin :-) Hope we cross paths in the near future.

Jun 22, 2017 at 4:33 PM

Pat was one of my closest friends at Mercy.  To this day she was one of the funniest person I was blessed to spend time with and have thought of her often even though we lost connection  through the years.  I had always hoped our paths would cross.  My deepest condolences to her loved ones.